How to buy a house in Dubai?

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How to buy a house in Dubai?

For several years now, investing in real estate, such as a house in Dubai, has become very advantageous for French buyers. You are looking for a house for sale, we will give you all our secrets for a successful investment in complete safety. Whether you want to buy a villa to make it your main or secondary residence, or whether to make a rental investment, know that this type of purchase represents a superb opportunity! You will take full advantage of an exceptional way of life and a tax system that is unique in the world.

Thanks to affordable prices, administrative procedures within everyone’s reach, and fast money transfers, real estate in Dubai has won over investors from all continents! The purchase of a house is often the investment of a lifetime, it is for this reason that you must be completely aware of the specificities of this real estate market; and that’s where we, The Dubai Life, come in. What are the steps to follow once you have found the house of your dreams for sale? We are going to give you a concrete step-by-step so that you become knowledgeable about buying real estate in the United Arab Emirates and more particularly in Dubai! Let yourself be guided, and discover all the steps of this process.

1. A multitude of advantages

Simplified procedures

Whether you are moving to Dubai soon or are already an expatriate resident, you will be delighted to learn that the steps involved in buying real estate in Dubai have been greatly simplified in recent years, especially since 2002. With most real estate sales, the possibility of a financing plan over several years and without interest. In addition, these financial investments have many advantages, in particular linked to very lenient taxation. But then, what are the advantages of becoming a buyer of a house in Dubai?

Attractive prices

First of all, as we told you, the prices are very attractive in the country! Dubai is in constant evolution and its success does not weaken, however, it is here that you will find houses for sale at prices much lower than other world capitals, such as London, Paris or New York. Dubai has taken advantage of the rise of the United Arab Emirates, and its financial market is prosperous, it is today one of the most attractive cities on the planet, both in terms of real estate and economics.

Luxury services

The ultimate are these modern and recent real estate projects that are flourishing all over the territory, and the services offered are very top of the range! Most of the houses for sale are equipped, at a minimum, with a private swimming pool and complex
latest generation athlete. In addition, they are generally close to the city center and all amenities.

Access to a resident visa

Another benefit, and not the least, investing in a villa in Dubai guarantees you a resident visa! To do this, you just need to present a valid visa, and depending on the price of your real estate purchase, you will be able to obtain a residential visa ranging from 3 to 10 years.

Interesting taxation

Investors around the world are not mistaken, it is here that taxation is the most advantageous, in fact, there is no tax on companies or on income. Also note that real estate is still not included in VAT (which was implemented in 2018 in the country), this means that any investment is still exempt from tax and tax.

Particularly profitable rental management

When you have become the buyer of a beautiful house in Dubai, know that rental management can be very interesting! Rental yields very often reach 10% annually, it’s considerable! Compared to other major cities, Dubai achieves the highest rental yields in the world, and if we compare this to France, they are almost twice as high. In addition, French legislation is much less lenient for owners, here in Dubai, all laws have been repealed to favor investors.


If you dream of a safe life, you should know that Dubai, just like the rest of the United Arab Emirates, is considered to be the safest cities on the planet. Something to reassure your family and your children!

Living environment according to your search criteria

If you aspire to a calm, peaceful pace of life, in the middle of the desert, you will find your happiness in the middle of huge communities equipped with all the amenities necessary for a fulfilling family life! Townhouses, villas, apartments, you will always find a property for sale! But if you dream of a dynamic, festive and state-of-the-art living environment, Dubai will also meet your expectations, with world-renowned neighborhoods! All you have to do is pass the course of the real estate transaction.

2. Find a house for sale and take the steps to buy it

Buying a house in Dubai is ultimately quite simple, the procedures having been simplified, it now looks a lot like what we know in France.

The only essential is to have a valid passport, if you meet this condition you can start your search for houses! There are three possibilities to become a homeowner in Dubai: buy a new house already built, buy it new off-plan, or buy a villa resold by an agency or an individual.

Directly from promoters

Note that one out of two sales is a real estate transaction of off-plan properties. The earlier you position yourself with the property developer, the more you can benefit from extremely attractive prices, but be aware that sometimes delivery times are not perfectly respected. There are many recognized promoters in Dubai, we advise you to invest in one of their projects for more guarantee. You can buy with your eyes closed at, for example, Emaar Properties, The First Group or Damac Properties. They also offer extremely advantageous financing plans, with payment possibilities of up to 12 years!

In a real estate agency: The Dubai Life

You can, if you wish, canvass the developers and sellers of real estate on your own, but we strongly advise you to use a real estate agency. Indeed, real estate agents know perfectly the specificities of this market, and this will save you a lot of inconvenience. The Dubai Life and its teams will be happy to guide you in your research and accompany you until the final transaction, taking care of all the administrative procedures specific to Dubai.

You will have to detail all your purchase criteria, such as your budget allocated to this house, the size and number of bedrooms, on plan or not, etc. You will not need to travel to Dubai for this stage, we can carry out these pre-selections remotely.

3. Financing plans in Dubai

Be aware that even non-resident foreigners as well as expatriates can take out a mortgage in Dubai. It is almost unavoidable as financing plans are commonplace, most real estate investments being made using loans repaid over 20 to 25 years!

The sinequanone condition for obtaining your loan is to be able to attest to fixed and sufficiently high income, of at least €2,500 per month. You will never be able to obtain a credit exceeding half of your monthly salary, and that’s good; you must ensure that you can repay your bills without difficulty.

The capital contribution will depend on the initial price of the house you have chosen:

– For an investment whose amount does not exceed 5 million AED, the personal contribution must be 25%, but for a property exceeding 5 million AED, it will be at least 35%.

You will be granted this credit within a few days, things go very quickly in Dubai, to do this you will need to provide proof of certain documents:

– Copy of your biometric passport (valid)
– Your Emirates ID, i.e. your Dubai identity card received within 10 days of obtaining your resident visa
– A certificate justifying your salaries in France
– Bank statements certified by your banker for the last 6 months

We advise you to compare the different banks and the offers they will make to you, exactly as you would have done in France. If you wish, The Dubai Life can also assist you in all your procedures with banking establishments in Dubai.

You will only be able to start your visits once an agreement in principle has been established by the bank you have chosen.

4. Open your bank account in Dubai

IOpening a bank account is not mandatory to consider buying your home in Dubai, however we highly recommend it. Indeed, if you do not have an account on site, it will be very difficult for you to make capital deposits and therefore, it will be complicated to achieve a financial transaction with the chosen promoter. You can opt for a classic account called “saving account”.

You can expect your bank account to be opened in just one day, and to do so, you will only have to provide very few documents. The bank will ask you for bank account statements for the last 6 months, and that they be authenticated by your banker in France. You see, it is really accessible!

We hope we have succeeded in enlightening you about the purchase of a future home in Dubai, the city of all possibilities! It is up to you to soon become the owner of a luxurious villa at a price defying all global competition. Do not hesitate to contact our agents, we will organize a pre-selection of the best properties we have for sale at the moment.

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