10 reasons to move to Dubai

Do you have an expatriation project and are you looking for a new country to live in? The destination for French expatriates is Dubai! And for good reason, if the life of an expat in the sun tempts you more and more, but you are still hesitant to take the plunge, know that we will detail everything you will need to know to move in and live in the Arab Emirates. United. Going abroad is probably going to be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Despite this, it is necessary that you know where you are going, what are the advantages and the differences with France. In this article, we will give you all our advice so that your move goes as smoothly as possible, we will try to share with you the Dubai way of life and we will give you some guidelines concerning taxation, work, health and even the education of your children.

1. The Exceptional Climate

Here in Dubai, you will have sunshine all year round, and the thermometer will rarely drop below 20 degrees. The eldorado of all sun aficionados! You will never have to worry about the weather, family outings, lazing on the beach or around a crystal clear lagoon, all of this will be possible throughout the year! Here, the sun shines 342 days a year, a little corner of paradise on Earth! When the heat is too intense, which happens sometimes, know that the air conditioning is king here, so you won’t suffer. Many aquatic areas have been designed for your comfort and well-being. According to the testimonies of French nationals themselves, this sunny climate gives the impression of being on vacation all year round.

2. Safety First

Are you tired of the ambient climate in France, do you feel insecure in your neighborhood? In Dubai, we guarantee you, this will no longer be the case, because indeed, it is one of the safest cities in the world! Its drastically low crime rate should convince you: moving to Dubai is definitely the best idea you’ve had in a long time. The reason for this serene climate is simple, in Dubai, the laws are rigorously respected, and the police forces constantly circulate within the city and all the communities. Here, theft hardly exists and in general it does not exist in the United Arab Emirates. It is usual to leave your car or house doors open as the climate is safe. Both men and women can walk around night and day without having anything to fear. Have no doubts about security in Dubai: here more than anywhere else you will be in the safe zone!

3. Dubai, a metropolis with spectacular infrastructures

Nowhere else in the world will you see such gigantic skyscrapers, which culminate at more than a hundred floors, and in a modern and futuristic architectural style: a unique model in the world. The vast majority of the infrastructures are luxurious and of high standing, which guarantees you an extraordinary experience, ideal for a first expatriation. Here more than anywhere else, you will swim between two worlds, and even if you cannot allow yourself a life as a billionaire, you will have access to the same activities!

Your standard of living will skyrocket when you arrive in Dubai: gourmet restaurants at a lower cost, and exceptional leisure activities, you can even go skiing in an air-conditioned shopping center. Indeed, in Dubai, the Malls are living spaces in their own right, and contain thousands of restaurants, shops, bars and leisure activities! We assure you that whatever your preferences, you will find what you are looking for, there is something for everyone. It is this balance between opulence and accessibility that makes Dubai a true paradise, a timeless experience with a truly affordable cost of living for an expat. Dubai is the ideal place to rebuild your life far from the hustle and bustle of Europe, here you will take the time to live and enjoy life!

4. Taxation that makes you dream

We often hear this question: “What are the taxes in Dubai?” The answer is simple, there is none! If you decide to move to Dubai and choose to be a tax resident there, you are guaranteed to save a lot of money! Indeed, it is one of the best countries from the point of view of taxation, so you will have an exemption from your taxes. To put it simply, you will not be taxed on your income, on your investments, on your company, or on your wealth! Compared to France, it is the assurance of magnificent savings. If you decide to work in Dubai, you should know that your salary will be tax-free, it’s almost unique in the world! Companies are not taxed, and neither are food and restaurants. Creating a business in Dubai is ideal, and ensures an exponential development of your assets.

In addition, if you want to invest in Dubai real estate, know that it is the same, the VAT on real estate does not exist, you will not have to pay any tax. Going to live in sunny Dubai will necessarily increase your standard of living, saving money that you can spend on the luxurious activities offered by the emirate. Among the large number of expats we meet, they all agree that it has changed their lives diametrically.

5. The assurance of a dynamic and modern life

Dubai is the city of superlatives, and it is particularly lively. If you are a party animal at heart, moving to Dubai will be a success, you will be in your element. Here everything is done for you to have fun, it is the temple of leisure, and there is something for young and old and all year round.

Even the public places look like an amusement park, everything is big, everything is beautiful, everything shines. You can bask in lush and flowering parks in the middle of the desert if you are a nature lover, and shopaholics will not be left out, the largest shopping malls in the world are in Dubai. We promise you will never be bored!

6. A multi-ethnic population

It is in Dubai that the largest proportion of foreign nationals is concentrated, which will of course facilitate your integration into the country. A contemporary and cosmopolitan lifestyle where you will easily find your place as the cultural diversity is great. Moreover, the expatriate community being considerable, you will easily meet expats from your country of origin. The community of French expatriates is thus quite large and well established in this host country. You will be able to live here, as you lived in France.

Once the culture shock has passed, living in a country like this is very pleasant and you can easily find work if you wish.

7. Dubai is all about business

It has been several years now that Dubai has become “the place to be”. Indeed, global financial markets have turned to this pulsating economic growth. Investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world were not mistaken and arrived in droves in the metropolis. If you plan to set up your business, Dubai is the ideal place in 2022, especially since the legislation is particularly lenient for all those who wish to settle there.

8. Ideally placed on the globe

Always remaining in the financial and business sector, Dubai is strategically very interesting. At the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa, it is here that a lot of things have been happening in recent years.

Thanks to the dynamism of its ecosystem, international mobility is facilitated. And you will have access to many destinations from its airport, ideal if you need to travel regularly for your professional life or simply for vacation.

9. A state-of-the-art education system

The Dubai government has invested heavily in education, here international schools are commonplace. You will be able to provide your children with state-of-the-art and perfectly reliable education. It is a real added value in case of expatriation in Dubai, the criteria of education and health compete with all those of the other great nations of the world. So don’t worry, your toddlers will be able to follow the French program even if you choose to go live abroad, and take very high-level courses.

11. State-of-the-art technology

You will realize very quickly when you arrive in Dubai, and despite its geographical location in the middle of the desert and its naturally limited resources, that the people of Dubai have succeeded in a crazy gamble: to create a luxurious, hyper-modern life where it seemed impossible! But impossible is not Dubai! Solar energy is omnipotent, and the whole city relies on this resource, a real ecological fight.

By living in Dubai, you will be able to do almost everything from the Internet, and this greatly speeds up your life! In France, our administrative procedures, such as paying for parking, opening an account, obtaining a resident visa, take hours. In Dubai, you can do everything from your Smartphone! Always with the aim of simplifying your daily life, and avoiding all the little hassles of everyday life.

As you will have understood, your future life in Dubai promises to be gratifying! A radical change of life compared to what you knew in France, opportunities that promise success and happiness to your whole family. If you have questions about a particular subject, or would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact our real estate agents via our website, we will be delighted to answer all your questions!

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