Why use a real estate agency to buy in Dubai?

In just a few years, Dubai has forged a place of choice on the international scene, both economically and touristically. Born in the middle of the arid desert, it has been able to build pharaonic projects that contribute to its international influence! This gigantic city in the United Arab Emirates has taken advantage of its attractiveness by creating a real estate market with very high profitability. If you are thinking about buying a property in Dubai, you are on the right track, this is precisely an opportunity not to be missed!

Dubai has become in just a few years a very popular tourist destination. Rising from the sands of the desert, this magnificent metropolis in the United Arab Emirates has become a hub for high-yield property investment. If you want to acquire a property on site, you are making the right decision. However, it is essential to be accompanied in your steps by a real estate agency.

1. Take advantage of the assistance of real estate professionals

As with any investment, especially when it is made abroad, it is necessary to be particularly well informed about the specifics of the real estate market in force, this will guarantee you a successful investment! It is for all these reasons that it is essential that you be guided by a real estate agent, who can accompany you in all stages of this purchase. The agency will take care of managing a whole host of administrative procedures and formalities for you, will initiate the sales procedures, but above all it will be able to share its experience of this Dubai market with you! This is where the services of a professional real estate agent are essential.

Beyond helping you find the property of your dreams, the agency will assist you in setting up and setting up your project, and can guide you in financing your new acquisition. You will save time, therefore money, and the real estate agency will surely save you from bad surprises, it is a management from A to Z of your file which is guaranteed to you.

2. Become the proud owner of an exceptional property

The metropolis of the United Arab Emirates has enormous potential to offer you: a constantly growing real estate market, strong purchasing power and certainty regarding its development in the coming years! Investing in the real estate sector in Dubai is the assurance of exponential profitability and a safe investment for the future. You can quickly become the proud owner of a studio, an apartment, a villa or a mansion in the different new areas of the city!

And when it comes to communities in Dubai, you have the choice of the king: the Marina Bay, Jumeirah Village Circle, Al Quoz, District One and so many more! It’s up to you to know if you want to live in an idyllic and soothing setting, by the Persian Gulf seaside or if you set your sights on Business Bay in the heart of the nightlife and its gigantic infrastructures! Depending on your expectations, your needs and your lifestyle, our real estate agency will be able to help you find the property of your dreams.

Investing in real estate in Dubai

Buying in Dubai, whether to make it your main or secondary residence, or as a rental investment, represents multiple advantages. First of all, you will have the opportunity to see that they have nothing comparable to those practiced in France, they are much more affordable, it is a real bargain for buyers who have a limited budget. In addition, the properties in Dubai are all equipped with the latest generation infrastructure and are designed in a very modern architectural style. If you are considering high rental yields, you have not gone to the wrong place, Dubai welcomes millions of tourists every year!

By investing in this high-end real estate market, you have the assurance of being able to put it in rental management and/or resell it easily with a capital gain! Beyond the profitability that will provide you with the purchase of real estate in Dubai, you will also be able to benefit from the particularly advantageous taxation that the emirate has to offer you. We know that this passage will be of particular interest to you: the country does not impose any tax on income or capital gains, there is no VAT on real estate, and Dubai has ratified, with France, an agreement which prevents double taxation.

Now let’s see why to call on The Dubai Life:

You probably don’t know it, but offering you the services of The Dubai Life, one of the best French-speaking real estate agencies in Dubai, costs nothing! You won’t have to pay a penny for us to take care of your investment research. We are here to make sure you find the best opportunities in the Dubai market, we explain how we work:

You don’t pay us, the promoters do

We guarantee that you will not pay any commission, there is no transfer of money between our agency The Dubai Life and yourself. And in case you decide to turn to another agency to invest in a property off plan, be careful not to pay anything, because indeed, some of them charge their customers. This will never be the case with The Dubai Life!

The Dubai Life negotiates the best rates for you with real estate developers

We negotiate hundreds of projects with Dubai’s hottest property developers every year, so we’re best suited to guarantee you unbeatable rates! It is in the same dynamic that we manage to obtain facilities and very advantageous payment plans for all our customers. Thanks to our experience in the field, we know what it is possible to achieve or not, which will save you time and therefore money.

Our network will make you take advantage of the best opportunities of the moment

Over the years and our experience, we have been able to weave a solid professional and commercial network that ensures you are positioned on the best real estate projects of the moment! Exclusive offers where we will be the first to make negotiation proposals: the guarantee of high floors and an exceptional unobstructed panoramic view. We are also able to position ourselves on off-plan programs that have a strong appeal!

The Dubaï Life: your privileged partner throughout the real estate transaction

The real concern for individual buyers is that real estate developers sometimes remain deaf to their calls! Indeed, a large part of the projects, in particular offices and premises, are frequently purchased in batches of entire floors, sometimes even the entire buildings are sold at once! This is where we come in.

The Dubai Life supports you by being your spokesperson with these important promoters, they trust us, so they will trust you. We will be your only interlocutor, and we will be the bridge between the two parties. This will relieve you as it will relieve the promoters, saving valuable time for everyone. Don’t forget either that real estate construction companies very rarely have French-speaking interlocutors, so it would be very complicated for you to exchange properly.

Stop misconceptions: it won’t cost you less to go directly through a promoter!

If you decide to meet a property developer yourself, you won’t get a better rate than with The Dubai Life! The legislation is very clear on this subject, manufacturers do not have the right to apply double pricing! By going through our agency, you have the guarantee that we will compare all the properties available on the market, and that they correspond to your budget and your expectations. Going through The Dubai Life means guaranteeing you two partners: our agency and the promoters.

A team of professionals totally dedicated to your research

Our team is made up of French people but not only, Dubai people are also at your service! We focus our recruitment on French-speaking employees to guarantee you a calm exchange throughout our collaboration. Our objective is simple: to ensure that the property to which we are directing you corresponds perfectly to you and that it respects your initial budget, you are here to live a dream, not to get into unnecessary debt! Your repayment capacities will be studied in order to better establish your purchase project. We will make every effort to ensure that your Dubai experience goes as well as possible, and that you leave keys in hand, to return to settle permanently afterwards. Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or via Whatsapp, we have put this solution in place for even more speed and fluidity.

Are you currently in Dubai? Our offices are open daily at: The Burlington Tower, Floor 29, Office 2902, Dubai, UAE

You are in France ? Contact us directly on our website via our contact form or on Whatsapp at + 971 58 582 3822 or also by email via [email protected]

See you soon !

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